The Fifty United Plates

Dishing up sentimental meals to families around the world since 2013.


The story of the State Plates

The Fifty United Plates® started around the table with friends in rural Wisconsin, over hard earned meals cooked the long way, out of nearby gardens, with wine and laughter. Inspired to contribute, we set out to create a thoughtful collection of ceramics to embody the people, the place, and the bounty at the heart of our gratitude. Our first prototype was made, the Wisconsin State Plate, and The Fifty United Plates® were born.

Our sentiment rings true for so many across the country and we're honored that thousands of State Plates have helped our customers celebrate holidays, birthdays, weddings, housewarmings, and game days.  Because we’ve all felt ties and responsibility to a community, shared work and it’s rewards with friends. We’ve toiled in kitchens for family holidays, and built our lives knowing the places we’ve been and the people we’ve known there will resonate through all we do. The State Plates are for those people – their neighborhoods, villages, towns, cities, regions, states, countries – their homes. Built for our neighbors, born of their bounty, and made only greater in it’s relation to another person, another place – a spread known as The Fifty United Plates®.

And what a labor of love the State Plates have been for us. Over the years the State Plates have evolved to where they are now, a stellar ceramic dish at a price we hope everyone feels is accessible. Because the State Plates are for everyone, just as we designed them to be.

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