Answers to our most asked questions.

If you can't find the state or country you're looking for it's because we haven't released it yet. More states and countries will be available this year! Please sign up for our emails to be alerted once more are released.

The collection is called 'The Fifty United Plates' and we have plans to release all the states (plus more, D.C. we're looking at you!) As a small business, we had to start with a handful of states and countries and release them in batches. If you sign up for our emails, we will notify folks once more states become available. Thanks for your patience!

We apologize for any disappointment. And generally, we're sorry to say that all the country's islands don't work as a usable space in clay for this line of ceramic baking dishes. For example, we know Long Island has a lot of love, and people, but it's very small when translated to clay in scale with the mainland of NY. We've discussed trying to bump out the corner of NY to account for it but it would make the plate much more prone to breaks and create a tiny, burnable space. So far we don't have a great solution and have left islands off of all states that have them. Not forgotten, just not in the mainland clay ;)  We hope to one day be able to release island plates of their very own! Thanks for understanding.

We cannot guarantee that your change will be made before your order ships. Please email us at within 2 hours of your order being placed and we will try our best. Our warehouse ships orders within 2 business days so while it's great that we can process your order so quickly, the downside is that changing addresses, adding gift notes, or changing the products in your order may not be possible.


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Yes, all orders have the option to be sent as a gift.  Please select the "Gift Option" at checkout and fill in the message you'd like to include.  Your purchase will arrive with a gift receipt containing your message and all pricing omitted.

At check out, please use your email (not the recipients) when prompted. Once your order hits the mailstream, you'll receive an email with a link to track your package.  Please be aware that this email may end up in your email inbox's Spam Folder, check there if you haven't received it.

At this time we do not. However, each order arrives neatly wrapped on the interior with Greenwrap and the product is in a branded box. We hope the "unboxing" experience is delightful for you or your recipient! Plus, all packing materials are recyclable.

Food, Use, & Cooking

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Yes, all of our wares are food safe and free of lead and other toxins.

Yes, all of our wares, including State and World Plates, are safe for use in the oven unless otherwise noted. We recommend that they not be placed under a flame broiler or over direct heat, heated to over 450˚F, or shocked from one temperature to another. To avoid shocking, preheat the dish with the oven if it’s cold from the refrigerator or freezer.

Yes, all our wares, including the State and World Plates, are safe for use in the microwave unless otherwise noted.

Yes, all of our wares are safe to clean in the dishwasher.  We recommend that they not be shocked from one temperature to another. To avoid shocking, allow your ware to cool to room temperature if it’s hot from the oven before washing with cold water. And alternately, allow your ware to warm to room temperature if it’s cold from the refrigerator before washing with hot water.

Returns & Exchanges

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Yes, we accept returns on unused merchandise within 30 days from receipt for any reason. Please see our Return Policy here for more details and to access our Returns Center.

No, at this time we do not accept exchanges.  It is recommended that you return your original order and a place a new order. Please see our Return Policy here for more details and how to get started.

Production & Materials

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All ceramics and plates are made of porcelain with a mineral-based glossy glaze on top, unless otherwise stated.  They do not contain any leads or toxins. 

Our collections are designed in Detroit, Michigan and made in China at a production facility with high ethical and human rights standards. Many of our collections were previously handmade in our ceramics studio in Michigan. After 8 years of making our own wares, moving production outside of our studio and the country was a tough decision but one we made for our family. The craftsmanship in China is truly incredible and they have a centuries old relationship with pottery that is unmatched.

The bottom of each plate has a permanent “designed in Detroit” marking and will arrive with a “made in China” removable sticker on the bottom as well.

Yes, our wares and all of our products are PROP 65 compliant.