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The Fermenter's Crock

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About The Fermenter's Crock

The Fermenter's Crock is a water seal fermentation set, designed with the modern home in mind. Our four-piece set ensures a hassle-free fermentation experience, preserving the authenticity of flavors and maximizing the health benefits of your fermented foods. Make kimchi, sauerkraut, pickles, hot sauce, Keifer and so much more, all with the microbiome benefits your gut will thank you for. The set generously holds 1 gallon or 6 pounds of veggies and is available in two hardwood holster options, black walnut or paulownia. Our Fermenter's Crock is here to become a part of your kitchen - a seamless, modern vessel that can live on your countertop while quietly bubbling away and working hard to create the fermented foods you love.

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Our ceramic and wood, water-seal fermentation vessel brings modern design to traditional fermentation methods, all on your countertop. Holding up to 1 gallon (3.7 liters) and designed with the modern home in mind. The straight wall interior allows for maximum surface area for the weight to hold down your veggies and frees your hand from the twisting contortions needed to place weights in narrow necked jars. The Fermenter's Crock preserves the authenticity of flavors and maximizes the health benefits of your fermented foods with its water seal chamber and temperature stabilizing ceramic walls. Craft kimchi, sauerkraut, pickles, kombucha, hot sauce, keifer and so many more of your favorite microbiome-enhancing foods that help your gut thrive.

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What's Included

The Fermenter's Crock is a 4 Piece Set that comes with everything you'll need to get your ferment on:

  • Stoneware Lid with undercut design for easy lifting
  • Interior Weight made of vitrified stoneware with a center hole for easy placement and removal 
  • One gallon Stoneware Crock with water seal chamber and notched handle design, sealed with a glossy, food safe glaze
  • Exterior Wood Holster in your choice of scandi-inspired Paulownia or mid-century Black Walnut
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Chew on These Features:

01_Cauliflower BOLD.png__PID:98b8699b-fdd7-4332-b898-b5fc9e99c119

Water Seal Feature

An anaerobic environment is created, preventing mold and unwanted bacteria, while allowing gasses to escape, ensuring a safer and more efficient fermentation process

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Easy to Use & Clean

User-friendly design requires minimal setup and is dishwasher safe, making post-fermentation cleanup a breeze

05_Onion BOLD.png__PID:423d98b8-699b-4dd7-a332-7898b5fc9e99

Modern Aesthetic

A sleek and contemporary design that not only functions efficiently but also complements any kitchen décor

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Fermentation Results

Produces consistent, delicious, and health-boosting ferments every time, enhancing the natural flavors and nutritional value of your ingredients.

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